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Founders & Innovators Morning Show

Mar 26, 2020

Why we need to invest in our employees, how to build a thriving company culture, how startups should approach the hiring process, how your startup can leverage the fact that people want to be challenged…and what founders can do proactively now during the coronavirus pandemic to come back stronger than ever.



Mar 5, 2020

“Knowing When to Pivot” + An Announcement | ONE IDEA


Resilience matters when you’re an entrepreneur. You’ve got to keep going. But sometimes growth is all about knowing when to re-direct your efforts….


Joia is a passionate advocate for polymathy and a leadership coach for entrepreneurs. Her leadership...

Mar 3, 2020

To be successful founders and innovators, we need to be continuous learners. One of the best strategies to optimize your learning is to practice explaining new ideas you learn in as simple and straightforward a way as you can to others. We can take inspiration from Richard Feynman, who was known as the...

Feb 27, 2020

The story of Jim’s great-grandfather, a slave in Kentucky in the 19th century who after the Civil War made a decision to focus not on victimization but on opportunities at hand – he seized the moment to take out a loan and start the farm that’s resulted in decades of multi-generational wealth. Jim’s...

Feb 25, 2020

In a world where change is accelerating, leaders need to shift their approach. That’s the argument leadership expert John C. Maxwell lays out in his recent book, Leadershift. Today’s one idea explores one of these recommended shifts, “from goals to growth.”


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